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Por: Catalin Hole Advertising Creative - Designer Creative  14/04/2011
Palabras clave: Publicidad, Imagen Corporativa, Spots Publicitarios

In my opinion the advertising must be more funny, make people laugh. If they enjoy we can fix the product in their mind, which is basically in the advertising, doesn’t it?

 Personally, I believe in boldly ideas, in something new. I think the world has already accustomed with the common and, often we get along the ads without giving them much importance.

Because of the economic situation we know that the advertising market is very difficult and it is probable that only the best ideas sell. That’s why I’m come with new concepts, joyful and bolding ideas, with slogans that permit the consumers to have fun and joke; in this way they will buy the product what we want to promote. Personally, I think this is the solution to win some happy buyers and, in same time, some satisfied companies.

Palabras clave: Imagen Corporativa, Publicidad, Spots Publicitarios

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