Mini GSM Home Alarm System-G01

Mini GSM Home Alarm System-G01 desde Security Alarm System

Por: Security Alarm System  08/04/2010
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Name: Mini GSM Home Alarm System-G01
Model: G01
Mini GSM Alarm, 6 Wireless Zones


1. Introduction
The alarm system adopts SMS data  transmission and voice platform of GSM network  to send control  command and  receive alarm  remotely. When  a signal  is detected by detectors, the  detectors will send alarm signal  to  system immediately. The  system then  sends  alarm  SMS  to its  pre-set mobile  phone numbers, and  meanwhile dials  the  pre-set telephone/mobile phone  numbers  automatically. In addition, you  can set the system in arm/disarm mode using  remote  phones.

Main Features:
1. GSM alarm transmission without the need to  connect telephone lines.
2. The system automatically stores system status even  when the power  is switched off.
3. The  system is  equipped with  backup rechargeable  battery which enables it  to work even  when  the external power  is turned off.
4. When a signal  is detected by detectors, the detectors will send alarm signal  to system immediately. The system then  sends alarm  SMS to the pre-set phone numbers, and  meanwhile dials the pre-set mobile phone numbers automatically.
5. Remote arm/disarm function using phone.
6. Increase/decrease detectors.
7. Connect with the alarm center through GSM network.

Technical Parameters
• Operating Voltage: DC 12V
• Static Current: 20Ma
• Alarm Current: 400mA
• Wireless Receiving Frequency: 315MHz±0.5MHz
• Wireless Receiving Sensitivity: 315MHz±0.5MHz
• Anti-interference: 1V/m frequency:20-1000 MHz?
• GSM frequency: 900/850/1800/1900MHZ
• Outer Alarm siren volume: 110dB
• Working condition: Temperature: -10-40
• Humidity: 90%

Standard package

One main unit
One wireless PIR detector
One wireless door sensor
One wired siren
Two remote controllers
One DC/AC adapter
One user manual

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