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Name:GSM MMS Camera Alarm System



1.GSM/GPRS tri-band network wireless images,message and voice transfer;

2.Monitor the site and receive on sit images via GSM GPRS phone,CDMA phone or email at any time and place.

3.The system may monitor the on-site images and voices throught remote control(short message or calling commands);

4.Enought back up power supply ensures normal transfer at any time.

5.The system is equipped with external power and shall report by message if no power.

6.The camera be well used at daytime and night,when the dalight is not enough,the builtoin IR lampt shall turn on automatically,and thus it may get clear images even if the dark.

7.The system has the function of memory that makes it unnecessary to set up again after the system is restarted.
8.16-channel wireless defense area(each area can be started or closed alone) are equiooed with IR smoke,gas and PIR/wireless sensors,any sensor or moveable image detection may trigger the alarm host to sound alarm and immediately transfer on-site images,messages and voices to the user and alarm center.

9.The system may set up the patameters of the alarm host and arm/disarm defenses through short message or phone.

10.The remote controller is equipped with the emergency button.

11.The quantity of remote controller and detectors be added or reduced.

12.The system be linked to the alarm center via GSM platform.

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