Cala Dor Property Prices Slashed - Mallorca Property Prices Adjust To The New Market

Por: Novi Property Mallorca  22/10/2009
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 One of Mallorca's top property developers has taken the bull by the horn and slashed property prices on their CalaDor development. Having earlier this year reduced prices by up to 25%, the most recent adjustment of a further 10%  sees the scheme offering real value for purchasers at a time when many other owners and developers are still shying away from the deep cuts in prices that will stimulate demand.

David Novi, Managing Partner of Novi Property Mallorca, Chartered Surveyor and Mallorca property market commentator highlighted the CalaDor scheme amongst a small selection of properties he believes deserve serious consideration by those seriously considering  purchasing a Mallorca property. "one could say that it is simply a reflection of the times we are living through, and to some extent that is of course true, but for me the most important aspect is that this developer has reacted positively and realistically to the market conditions and adjusted their asking prices to underlying property values. I have maintained for some time that only some properties are appropriately priced in Mallorca and it is very important for buyers to take professional advice to ensure what they are paying genuinely reflects market value".

For further information regarding the CalaDor Scheme of 2 bed, 2 bathroom apartments with private car parking and 3 community swimming pools, as well as other buying opportunities in Mallorca, contact David Novi

Palabras clave: Property for sale in Cala Dor, Property for sale in mallorca, propiedades en cala dor,