Houses for sale in Alaro – Heavily discounted property for sale in Alaro

Por: Novi Property Mallorca  19/11/2010
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 I am obviously doing something right, maybe just talking sense or at least the language of so many of you out there, as here is another very good value property for sale (as you know there aren’t many and you need to hunt around but when you find them they are invariably interesting!)

This property was valued for mortgage purposes less than 18 months ago at 470,000€ and with an offer price of 355,000€ we are talking about a whopping 25%!

Why would someone do that? The owners aren’t desperate but they are fully aware of the market and believe that if they can cash the equity and bide their time they too will find a “bargain” out there that better meets their new requirements! Just wish there were more vendors out there with that pragmatic approach!

Details can be found clicking on this link – Alaro house for sale ()

Palabras clave: property for sale in alaro, Property for sale in mallorca,