Soller Property – Property For Sale in Soller & Puerto Soller

Soller Property – Property For Sale in Soller & Puerto Soller desde Novi Property Mallorca

Por: Novi Property Mallorca  01/06/2009
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 Soller is undeniably one of Mallorca’s most beautiful and sophisticated towns nestled at the foot of the Tramontana mountains and a stones throw from the equally emblematic Port of Soller. While no where is immune from the current economic turmoils, despite what some will say of the Mallorca property market generally and particularly top destinations such as Soller, Andratx, Deia, Formentor and Palma old town there is certain logic that, at times of such uncertainty, a ”flight to quality” investment strategy could be the most prudent.

There is no doubt that Mallorca property prices are under pressure across the board, be it geographically or by market segment, and while many asking prices remain stubbornly high others are starting to reflect the underlying weakness in the market (or should we say re-structuring*) and the real value of the property asset. That said the quality and uniqueness of any property or location will certainly have a baring on the value, both short and longer term, and in that sense just as we say the Mallorca property market has “defensive qualities” due to it’s relative quality, restricted supply etc so this can be applied to individual locations within the Island such as Soller.

While any property buying decision in this market must be taken with great care and very thorough market research and due diligence, if your are looking to buy for lifestyle reasons and have a long term (at least 5 years and perhaps longer) view of your acquisition, Soller and Puerto Soller could well be locations worthy of  serious consideration. To view just a small selection of properties for sale in Soller see our dedicated Soller / Puerto Soller section of the Novi Property Mallorca web site () or () .
Individual opportunities include: Fincas for sale in Soller - a charming house enjoying some of the most beautiful views Mallorca has to offer.

Houses for sale in Soller - good sized property reduced for quick sale offering quality and value for money

Town Houses for sale in Soller – Stylish well located town house in Soller offering easy access to all the charm, class and amenities Soller town has to offer.

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*It is my belief that property markets generally and property pricing specifically are undergoing a long term restructuring not a simple price “dip” associated with a short term recession.  In my opinion real property prices will take upwards of 10 years to recover to where they were prior to the current downturn

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