Industrial Property, Unfair Competition, Trademark Infringement, Design and Utility Models.

Por: GESCOM, S.L.  12/12/2009
Palabras clave: Informes Periciales, Propiedad Industrial, Patentes Y Marcas

The services offered by GESCOM are oriented towards two aspects that are particularly defined in the world of business:The creation of expert reports for use in legal actions derived from conflicts related to Industrial and Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Trademark Infringements, Designs and Utility Models.
         - Detailed Comparative Analysis
The drawing up of studies aimed at measuring the communicational effectiveness of the design and identification systems that are applied to the company Identifiers, to the Trademarks and Brands and to the Products.
          - Comparative evolution of the Design Systems 
          - Visual image leadership analysis
          - Visual image auditing
          - Technical specifications of the identifying and distinguishing symbols

Palabras clave: Análisis Comparativos, Asociación entre diseños, Asociación entre marcas, competencia desleal, Confusión entre diseños, Confusión entre marcas, Imitación de diseños, Imitación de modelos de utilidad, Informes Periciales, Infracción de marca, Patentes Y Marcas, Periciales, Propieda intelectual, Propiedad Industrial,