Por: Ruth Westnidge  20/07/2011
Palabras clave: traditional chinese medicine, complementary therapies, natural health

In 2003, the World Health Organisation found acupuncture can benefit certain:

Allergies (inc. hayfever)
Arthritis / joint / muscle problems
Circulation problems (Raynaud's Syndrome)
Digestive disorders
Ear / nose/ throat probelms
Emotional issues (inc. depression)
Gynecological problems (including PMS / painful periods)
Fertility issues
Men's GUM
Pain conditions (inc. headache & fibromyalgia)
Sleep problems (insomnia)
Skin problems
Weight loss methods

[WHO, 2003. Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials. Geneva: WHO.]

Palabras clave: complementary therapies, natural health, natural medicine, traditional chinese medicine

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