Acupunture Barcelona moves to new wellness centre in C/ Muntaner

Por: Ruth Westnidge  24/05/2012
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After a year in Calle Tuset, I'm happy to announce I'm now available for acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupunture at Arge, Carrer de Muntaner, 382, Pral 2B (08006 Barcelona). To book an appointment, the number is still the same: 662 260 0128, or send an email as usual to [email protected] The new room is within Arge, a centre for wellbeing and wellness with a unique, welcoming and calm atmosphere. In the same centre, you can check out pilates, personal training, osteopathy, shiatsu, reiki and of course Traditional Chinese Medicine and/or cosmetic work for the face with me. Its been great to connect with so many therapists and improve the service - I can now offer more weekend and evening appointments. I've been practicing ear acupuncture since 1998, and I used to use it within the NHS and private practice in London. Over the years I've been completing more and more Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and herbs training and of course I just had to take a study trip to an integrated hospital in China itself to see it practiced on the wards. This was the place that first inspired me to train in Cosmetic Facial acupuncture, watching the TCM practitioners work with a variety of facial complaints and realising actually a lot can be done just with Chinese Medicine. I've also been doing some IVF acupuncture support recently, for example, on the day of the embryo transfer. As well as these issues, I work with digestive problems, skin problems, gynaecology issues, fertility, men's health issues, joint and/or muscle complaints and pain conditions, stress, and many more health concerns. I'm also always happy to talk to anyone interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine for any concern and you can now have a 20 minute consultation free of charge at my new room at Arge. I work in English and Spanish, whichever you prefer.

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