Pneumatic regulating valve is leading in the market

Por: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  16/08/2013
Palabras clave: Pneumatic valve regulating, regulating valve, Pneumatic valve,

With the development and progress of science, the valve industry in China had fallen on his feet. The acceleration of technological innovation, mechanical further optimize product structure of industrial valves, valve and execution appliance has a better performance, stable oil and natural gas expanding use makes a greater investment in oil and gas, speeds up the valve pneumatic control valve occupied position in the market. China valve industry association 3, according to data released during the first half of the 13 divisions valve industry industrial added value of all the double-digit growth quickly, valves, valve fastest growing heavy mining countries. Large proportion in the total amount of the chemical industry, electronic industry has contributed nearly 59% of the industry growth. According to the data, in the first half of the valve industrial economic benefit index is 169.55%, increases by about 20% than the same period last year, advocate business wu income margin of 5.33, year-on-year increase of 0.49%. China valve industry association, vice chairman, said the government policy of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, the strong market demand, industry investment ability enhancement are both the reasons for the high growth, etc. Data show that in the first half of the China national machinery industry to earn foreign exchange through exports of $65.2 billion, up 36.15% from a year earlier, accumulative total trade deficit of $1 billion, compared with the decrease of about $2.6 billion. Regulator related basic knowledge: also known as control valve, regulating valve which is divided into electric control valves, pneumatic membrane single-seat regulating valve, pneumatic control valve, pneumatic valve, CV3000 regulator, self-reliance type control valve, pneumatic sleeve valve, pneumatic cut-off valve, pneumatic diaphragm pressure sleeve valve, electric cut-off valve, small sleeve single-seat regulating valve, regulating valve accessories, fully functional light valve, electric actuator, single-seat regulating valve, unbalanced cage control valve, power station special regulator, etc.

Palabras clave: Pneumatic valve regulating, regulating valve, Pneumatic valve,

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