The development trend in high technology of China valve industry

Por: Valmax Valve Co.,Ltd.  16/08/2013
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The valve product market with the continuous development of science and technology, also in the high technology content, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction. According to the analysis of the valve technology at home and abroad and the analysis of the valve market demand at home and abroad, developed in recent years, various industries with high and new technology industrial valves and valve industry development trend and the direction of investment, as follows: 1. The oil and gas wellhead valves Oil, natural gas wellhead valve mainly American API6A standard single or double ram disc, with diversion hole or without diversion hole parallel forged steel gate valve, slurry valve, throttle valves, oil field for parallel type control valve, the oil field for straight-through non-return valve, parallel gate valve for water injection \ polymer, a clamp parallel gate valves, pilot operated relief valve and check valve. Oil, natural gas wellhead valve of a nominal pressure level API2000psi, 3000 psi, 5000 psi, 10000 psi, 15000 psi, 20000 psi. Nominal diameter is DN46 ~ 228 mm (113/16 in ~ 9 in); Temperature rating for K (60 ~ 182 ℃), L (- 42 ~ 182 ℃), P (- 29 ~ 182 ℃), R (room temperature), S (18 ~ 166 ℃), T (18 ~ 182 ℃), U (18 ~ 121 ℃), V (2 ~ 121 ℃);Material requirements to AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH; Material performance requirements according to the 36 k, 45, 60 k k, 75 k; Product technical requirements according to PSL1 level 1 (product specification), PSL2 (level 2) product specification, PSL3 (level 3) product specification, PSL4 (level 4) product specification. 2. The oil and gas long distance pipeline with the valve Oil and gas long distance pipeline valve mainly American API6D standard single or double ram disc, with diversion hole or without diversion hole plate gate valve; Three postures, forged steel or cast steel jacket type or full welded ball valve fixed; Oil seal or pressure balance plug valve; Swing or butterfly check valve, ball check valves; Pigging valve, etc. These valve nominal pressure level CL150 PN2.0 (MPa), CL300 PN5.0 (Map), CL400 PN6.4 (MPa), CL600 PN10.0 (MPa), CL900 PN15.0 (MPa), CL1500 PN25.0 (MPa), CL2500 PN42.0 (MPa); Nominal diameter is (~ 1500 mm (2 in ~ 60 in); Fire test technical requirements according to ISO10497; Press ISO5208 valve pressure test. 3. Nuclear power with the valve Nuclear power valve with valve than conventional large coal-fired power plants with its technical characteristics and requirements. Valve class tend to have gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, the main steam isolation valve, ball valve, diaphragm valve, pressure reducing valve and control valve, etc.; Representative the highest technical parameters of the valve is: the largest diameter DN1200mm (butterfly valve) of nuclear level 3, DN800mm (nuclear grade 2 main steam isolation valves), DN350mm (the primary loop of nuclear grade 1 gate); The highest pressure: the level of about 1500 pounds; The highest temperature: 350 ℃; Medium: coolant (boride water), etc. Nuclear grade valve products required: usually in the nuclear industry standard EJ, American ASME, IEEE standards and French PWR machinery design and construction rules of RCC, etc.

Palabras clave: China valve industry, China valve, valve industry,

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