Por: KV-1 hair lifting  28/09/2010
Palabras clave: Alta Cosmética Profesional


It is capillary restructuring product considered as an elixir due to its high concentration in silicon+oxigen that greatly enhances hair brightness and softness and repairs immediately the cortex-medulla and cuticle. It can be applied on all type of hair, but very particularly on hair with perm or decoloured. It repairs the keratin structure of hair, FORCE 2 endowing it with extreme brightness and softness, besides making its combing easy. Furthermore, it is also a remarkable product thanks to its wearable nature, that is to say, it does not need rinsing, which makes its effect last much longer.

Application with ultrasound-titanium- ceramic straighteners reaches a good performance and seals the cuticle extremely.

Makes brushing last longer.

  • It has a concentration of active matters.
  • It has a concentration 5 times its weight.
  • Purity of components without precedent in capillary cosmetics.
  • Powerful dimethiconol that repairs capillary fibre

Palabras clave: Alta Cosmética Profesional