Rocker switches and indicator lamps.

Rocker switches and indicator lamps. desde M2b Technologies S.L.

Por: M2b Technologies S.L.  14/05/2009
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M2B Technologies S.L.: Spanish company specialized in the manufacturing and trading of switches and indicator lamps.

We have 3 centres of production, 2 in Spain and 1 in Asia, in order to guarantee the best production way in accordance with our customers needs.

M2B Technologies S.L. thas an experience of more than 35 years on the design, manufacturing and trading of switches; this is the reason that we can solve any design, any new project or any need from our customers.

M2B Technologies S.L. as the anxiety of innovate with new models, aesthetics, materials, colours and much more in order to our customers have the possibility to adapt better to the current needs/runs of the market, always with the guarantee of M2B Technologies S.L..

M2B Technologies S.L. not only produces and commercializes switches, but also can solve, for its customers, entire designs of the product even the manufacturing and certification of them. M2B TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. works with the last technologies of CAD-CAM and makes quick prototypes in stereolitography.

For M2B Technologies S.L. the quality is not one more characteristics: is an obsession. For that reason, we have several quality controls:

  • in the manufacturing process
  • in the final product in the origin
  • European control of pre-distribution

We guarantee to our customers a very low rate of defective products (less than 1‰ on the switches without lamp). We have the right equipments to do the life test of the product in order to offer to the customers who ask it, graphics of the output of their products.

M2B Technologies S.L. has the certification VDE and UL and the most of our products have these certifications. In order to get them, we have advanced measuring equipments which help to our quality responsible to check the parameters required from our production and engineering technician.

Our relation quality/price is our reason to exist! Our strategy is based in a very close collaboration with our customers during all the phases:

We analyse with our customers the best option of manufacturing of the new developments in order to optimise the cost depending on:

  • Annual consumption of manufacturing
  • Logisticsa
  • Distribution
  • Investment (moulds and tools)
  • Variations of the product

This flexibility in the manufacturing allows to M2B TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. to manage with efficacy both the big productions and small and personalize series. The main objective for the future of M2B TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. is to work under the concept of efficiency. To get it, we tend to develop the switches under really strict controls of manufacturing and raw materials which let us reduce the cost, better use and ecology of the used materials.

We have distributors in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Poland, England, Syrian and Israel. By this way, we can guarantee a better service to the customer. Please, contact our commercial department to know your best commercial

Palabras clave: Piezas materias plásticas

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