SAL3D Shape Analysis Library

SAL3D Shape Analysis Library desde AQSENSE S.L.

Por: AQSENSE S.L.  20/08/2009
Palabras clave: Reverse Engineering, 3d machine vision, laser triangulation,

SAL3D is a development suite in C++ that allows creating applications for 3D-data processing. This includes object scanning, 3D-surfaces generation without distortion, cloud-of-points comparing and 3D analysis using external 2D tools.

The 3D Shape Analysis Library ( is the first hardware independent software architecture for range map and poing cloud processing, fully oriented to laser triangulation and 3D machine vision applications.

SAL3D means speed, accuracy, and reliability to , , and volume end users demanding maximum flexibility and customization in their vision systems. Tools can be integrated as DLL's that allow developers access to third party components usable side by side with SAL's tools resulting in rapid development of highly complex processing tasks.

Palabras clave: 3d machine vision, laser triangulation, Reverse Engineering, surface inspection,