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Por: Grupo NICOYUR S.l.  07/04/2010
Palabras clave: Alcohol

We are a consortium founded in 2001 with extensive experience in International Trade specially dedicated to the area of North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa with offices in Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbecistan, Kazakhstan, Irani.

SL NICOYUR Group companies BIG Limited - Representative of Russian, Ukraine.
                                                                           Kazakhstan, Uzbecistan, Irani bioethanol.

1. Ceriale Bio fuel ethanol (wheat, corn and td.) 5.000Ton 99.9 ˚ quantities. monthly. The products and the producers are registered with the EC under the REACH regulation. (The port is sending "Black Sea and Iranian) by tankers. The long-term contract is preferable.
2. Wheat ethyl alcohol for use in vocational, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical.
3. Denatured alcohol and ethanol for inductria, solvents and td.
4. Bio ethanol ranges from 96 ˚.
5. Alcohol for producers of perfumery.

The pracios depending on quantity, destination.

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Department import - export.
Commercial Director Nazar Valerievich.

Palabras clave: Alcohol

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