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Por: GHP Lighting Co., Ltd   28/01/2010
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   Name: Led Ceiling Light LED Downlight   Feature: Product Name: LED ceiling LightOutput Wattage: 1,3,5,7,9,12,15,18,9*3W,and Customed make. Photosource: Edison LED Body material: anodized aluminum Input Voltage: 12VAC/DC; 85V-265V AC/50Hz/60Hz Available Color: Red/Green/Blue/Cool white/Warm white/Yellow Beam angle: 15/30/45 degrees Color Temperature: 2000k-8500k Service life: 40000 Hours; Ambient temperature: -20degree Celsius--+50degree Celsius Low heat, no UV or IR light radiation, environmental-friendly and no mercury Longtime working temperature: less than 40°C Constant Current Regulation and Reverse Polarity Protection   Applications: 1. Recess lighting, Shelf Lighting, Ceiling /Wall Coves 2. Cabinet and under counter lighting, Office work station 3. Back lighting, Step Lighting, Light boxes 4. Merchandising, Exhibition stands and panels

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