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Por: GHP Lighting Co., Ltd   28/01/2010
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   Name: LED Panel Lights,LED Plane CeilingLight ,LED Flat Ceiling Panels,LED Ceiling Light,Edge Litght LED Ceiling Lamp,Super Thin LED Ceiling Lamp ,LED Wall Light     Main function: LED flat Ceiling Light are designed to keep the LED lights out of sight range (by Edge Light Methods),completely reject giddy light so that create a beautiful even light display. it is truly a beautiful and energy efficient light.  It can be deployed as a recessed light in drop ,ceiling grids, as an edgy hanging light frame or as a wall mounted light panel.With its aluminum frame construction it blends in with all modern or classic decor.   Feature: 1). Length Specifications: 600*600mm. (Substitute for Ceiling Grids Directly) 2). Output Wattage: 30W 3) Efficiency: ≥88%; Power factor: ≥0.94). Luminous Flux: 3200Lm. 5). Light Source :576 pieces super brightness SMD LED 6).Input Voltage: 12VAC/DC; 85-240VAC/50Hz/60Hz, Reverse polarity protected,Over Load Protect. 7).Construction: Aluminum Anodic oxidation8). Color temperature: Pure white (6000~6500K), commercial white (4000~4500K), warm white (3000~3500K). 9). Light fading: 5% after 1000 hours continues working, no more fading since then. 10). Lifespan: >40000hrs. 11). Operating Temperature Range: -40 dgrees centigrade +80 dgrees centigrade. 12). No UV or IR radiation. 13). High brightness and efficiency, energy saving, over 80% electricity saving than normal fluorescent lamp. 14)Color rendering index: 82 15) Ultra-slim and low-profile 16)Cover material: PMMA translucent 17)Hermetically sealed for maintenance-free operation - prevents ingress of bugs, insects and dust   Application: 1)Commercial Lighting 2)Office Lighting 3)Warehouse Lighting 4)Supermarket Lighting 5) IT, Call Centers, Shops and showrooms, Kitchen/pantry , hospitals, hotels, and other public places.

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