Alma Gitana, Fotografia de Galicia, xoanpinon

Por: Xoan Piñón. Galicia Fotografia  02/06/2011
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"Alma Gitana” (Gypsy Soul) is one of my favourite fashion works. The photo shoot was carried out in a studio with professional models and extras and tells the story of a night out between three friends. The ambiguous situations, the warm colour of  the interior and the decoration from the 60s, made by Alexandra Fernández, succeed in giving the photograph a crazy and provocative atmosphere. The relationship of complicity between the team members was absolute, which is indispensable to obtain credible images and situations. The models "dramatised" the picture following a previously written script , but also gave a quick answer to many unforeseen situations that came up, thus enriching the scene and bringing new nuances.

Xoan Piñón

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