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Por: Xoan Piñón. Galicia Fotografia  02/06/2011
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When Francisca López, director of CENTRAD, in the year 2007, showed me her idea "Avantcraft" about the promotion and dissemination of young designers of the Atlantic Axis (Galicia, Portugal, Brittany and Ireland), I was struck with how clear and convincing was the interesting project we were going to develop.
The aesthetic conception that gives strength to the Atlantic, the erosion, the alternation of the tides and the lyric of the blues were the starting point for a job in which the avant-garde and creativity of the photographic pictures should go together with the innovative nature of the designs.
On this occasion, models representing the different continents of a global society were chosen. Their attitude in front of the camera had to convey the strength and security belonging to a culture gives.
Like heroines; the looks, the body tension and an unreal atmosphere generated by the creation of oneiric and underwater atmospheres that succeed in making us dive into that world Avancraft wished to suggest.

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