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Por: AHUMADA AHUMADA ANA CECILIA 000949081Z SLNE  02/08/2009
Palabras clave: Español, Inglés, Financiación

The very first translation service
We offer you the complete translation service, a service of the highest quality, completed in the shortest possible time and charged at the most competitive rates.

Experienced for years, looking for excellence in translating and a truly customer orientated service we go on earning our customer's fidelity.

In our team qualified, experienced translators that work solely into their native languages. We offer translations of any topic and/or matter both into/from Spanish into/from English, any size document and any format.

In the other hand, interpreters are becoming increasingly important. Dealing with the international market as well as a growing ethnic minority population at home means the services of an interpreter to overcome language barriers is crucial.

Our interpreters deal with all manner of needs in your business: conference interpreters, meetings, entertaining, greeting, telephone, video conferencing and negotiations.

We provide qualified, experienced and professional consecutive interpreting in English/Spanish

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