Agronic 7000

Por: Sistemes Electronics Progres, S.A.  30/11/2011
Palabras clave: Irrigation, Agronic, Progrés

AGRONIC 7000 is a complete controller for the control of irrigation, fertilization by EC and by time or volume units, acidity regulation, fertilizer mixing, pumping, filter cleaning, drainage, reading of sensors and conditioning programs by them, option for pressure control by program, management through a PC or mobile phone, plus breakdown detection and complete visualisation of data.

Basic model with 40 independent outputs plus 16 inputs for digital signals and 16 analogical inputs, which can be extended, and 8 pulses outputs for EC injection and 2 of acid and base.

Palabras clave: Agronic, Agronic 7000, Agronic Monocable, Irrigation, Irrigation accesories, Irrigation associations, Irrigation communities, Irrigation equipment, irrigation programmer, Irrigation telemanagement, Progrés,

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