oval tomato sauce sardines

oval tomato sauce sardines desde Exportadora e Imporatdora Gracicruz

Por: Exportadora e Imporatdora Gracicruz  28/11/2009
Palabras clave: Venta De Conservas De Pescados

 Dear Sirs. 

Yours sincerely Mr. Juan Acevedo, told him that we work with what is CANNED FISH have over 50 years experience in fisheries our factory is located in Chimbote - Peru We are pleased to be working with you and we can provide with these products we currently have Sardines (Engraulis Ringens)

We send a big hug from here in Peru, there'll send you information on photos. Products: Engraulis ringens (Sardina peruana) also known as Peruvian Anchovy. 

 * Whole Sardine Entomatada Oval (425 g. X 24 cans)
 * Whole Sardine Entomatada Tall (425 g. X 24 cans)  
 * Whole Sardine Tall Water and salt (425 g. X 24 cans) 
 * Whole Sardine Entomatada Tinapa (150g x 50 cans)  
 * Shredded Sardine Tuna Water and salt (170 gr. X 48 cans) -> This product can also call Threading of sardine or pilchard Grated)  

Well working with credit card in sight irrevocable. hope to hear from you.

 Atte.// ing.  juan acevedo de la cruz

Palabras clave: Venta De Conservas De Pescados