Energyst CAT Rental Power Gibraltar power plant phase 1 and 2

Por: Energyst Rental Solutions  13/06/2016
Palabras clave: Alquiler de Grupos Electrógenos, Alquiler De Generadores, alquiler de transformadores

Phase 1. Gibraltar's Waterport Power Station was hit by an explosion in the spring of 2014, causing major disruption to the power supply. Energyst needed only three days to build a temporary power plant to provide power to Gibraltar while the Waterport Power Station is being rebuilt. Phase 2. Gibraltar's grid cannot supply sufficient electricity to power the entire peninsula. The North Mole and South Districts are currently powered via a temporary power plant. Due to space constraints Energyst's application engineers designed a revolutionary stacked generator solution, of which this video shows the construction. Watch the video:

Palabras clave: Alquiler de bancos de carga, Alquiler De Generadores, Alquiler de Grupos Electrógenos, alquiler de transformadores,

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