$9.99 --Blazzeo 43" Inch 110cm 5-in-1Plegable Disco Reflector de Estudio Luz

Por: linkdelight  04/03/2011
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more details: http://www.linkdelight.com/D2R-Blazzeo%E2%84%A2-43-Inch-110cm-5-in-1-Light-Multi-Collapsible-Reflector.html

The Blazzeo 110cm 5 in 1 portable reflector kit eliminates the need for multiple reflectors, silks and solids. The Blazzeo reflector is a lightweight, circular, steel-framed reflector system which folds conveniently into a disc approximately one-third its in-use size for easy transport and storage. Unlike conventional reflectors, however, the Blazzeo reflector features a removable, reversible cover which allows for five uniquely functional surfaces in three separate configurations.

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