Tenant suspected of setting fatal Barcelona explosion wrote to newspaper of her desperate situation

Por: Caravanverzekering.de  18/03/2008
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Tenant suspected of setting fatal Barcelona explosion wrote to newspaper of her desperate situation and her pending eviction By m.p. - Mar 17, 2008 - 9:30 PM ALSO SEE : * Gas explosion and fire kills three in Barcelona - Mar 17, 2008 - 12:17 PM The aftermath of the blast in Barcelona. Photo – EFE. enlarge photoMadrid also saw a fatal explosion and fire on Monday where the tenant was found dead in a possible murder The Catalan police force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, continue with their search for a woman named as Anna M.P., the tenant of the first floor flat of a block on Calle Andrade in Barcelona which was the source of an explosion on Monday morning which killed three other tenants in the building. Thirteen residents were injured, but only one is reported as serious, with burns to the hands. The occupants were told that none of them would be able to sleep at home on Monday night.Police have been investigating the possibility that the explosion was set deliberately, with reports that the tenant in question was due to be evicted that same morning. No trace of her has been found so far, and it’s now been revealed that she spoke of her situation in a letter published in the newspaper ‘El Periódico de Catalunya’ last Friday, where she said she was to be thrown out for failing to pay her landlord’s property taxes. She claimed in the letter that he would receive 6,000 € from the government after she had been evicted and that he would then be able to rent out the flat again. She said she was ‘desperate’ and spoke of her treatment by the authorities as worse than physical abuse. The Público newspaper said the flat is owned by her sister and father-in-law, and that Anna M.P. had failed to show up for a previous eviction hearing and had later lied about her whereabouts.The paper said eviction officers arrived at the flat at 9.30 on Monday morning to find the façade of the first storey completely destroyed, the floor where Anna M.P. lives. Firemen at the scene of a fire in Madrid. Archive photo – EFE. enlarge photoThere was another fatal explosion elsewhere in Spain on Monday, one of two violent deaths in the Madrid Region that day. It happened in Alcalá de Henares, in the east of the region, around 30 kilometres from the Spanish capital, in a rented flat on Calle Escritorios, at around 6.45 am, where the blast was followed by a fire. The burnt body of the 36 year old schoolteacher who rented the property was found inside, and it’s understood that none of the residents who live in the block were injured. A gas explosion is being reported as unlikely after Gas Natural confirmed to EFE that they have no mains gas customers in that particular flat, with reports also that the gas installation in the building was not affected, nor were there any signs that it had been interfered with. Two bombonas of bottled gas were found intact when firemen inspected the premises, and police are now investigating a possible murder, EFE said.In the Spanish capital later that afternoon, a 32 year old man from Bolivia, identified as Juan David R.G., was found dead in the driving seat of a Seat Córdoba car parked on Calle de Bornos in the Barajas district at around 6 pm. There were at least four bullet wounds in his body, and it’s understood that he could have died some hours before he was found.He suffered wounds to the chest, head and neck. if ("" > "") { document.write (""); document.write (""" + "" + """); document.write (""); }

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