Por: CRUZ BLANCA  01/09/2008


Calamares a la Romana Squid Rings fried in BatterBoquerones en Vinagre Anchovies in Vinegar Boquerones Fritos Fried AnchoviesPlato del Matrimonio (Boquerones en Vinagre y Anchoas Ahumadas) Mixed Plate of Anchovies in Vinegar and Smoked AnchoviesChopitos a la Andaluza Andalusian Style Fried Tiny SquidsSepia a la Plancha con Ali-Oli (en dados) Grilled Diced Cuttlefish served with “Ali-Oli” SauceBienmesabe (Cazon Adobado) Marinated Shark Fish Cubes flavored with Herbs and PaprikaPulpo a la Gallega Boiled Octopus and Potates flavored with, Olive Oil, Sweet Paprika and Salt GrainsGambas a la Pancha Grilled ShrimpsCazuela de Gambas al Ajillo (Cazuela de Gulas al Ajillo - 9,00€) Flambeed Peeld Shrimp in Garlic Spicy Sauce (Baby Eel in Garlic Spicy Sauce - 9,00€)Mejillones Tigres (Mejillones Rellenos, Rebozados) Artisanal Stuffed, Breaded and Fried MusselsMejillones a la Vinagreta Natural Mussels in Vinegar with Diced Onion, Green and Red PepperMejillones al Vapor Steamed Natural Mussels Parrillada de Marisco (para 2 personas) (Gambas, Langostinos y Cigalas) Grilled Seafood Tray (for 2 person) - Shrimps, King Prawns and CrayfishesFritura de Pescado (Bienmesabe, Boquerones, Calamares, Chopitos y Pijotas) Fried Fish Tray - Shark Fish, Anchovies, Squid Rings, Little Squids and other Small Fishes