Por: CRUZ BLANCA  01/09/2008


Ensalada Mixta (Lechuga, Tomate, Esparrago, Cebolla, Huevo Cocido, Aceitunas y Atún)Green Salad, Tomatoes, Sparagus, Onion, Hard-Boiled Egg, Olives and TunaEnsalada “Cruz Blanca” (Lechuga, Tomate, Maíz, Cangrejo, Jamón Serrano y Salsa Rosa)Green Salad, Tomatoes, Corns, Crab, Serrano Ham and Rose SauceEnsalada Caesar (Lechuga, Tomate, Picatostes, Pollo y Salsa de Anchoa) Green Salad, Tomatoes, Fried Bread Cubes, Chicken and Achovy flavored SauceEnsalada de Ahumados (Lechuga, Tomate, Salmon, Bacalao y Anchoa)Green Salad and Tomatoes, Smoked Salmon, Cod and AnchoviesEnsalada de Piquillo y Ventresca (Pimientos Piquillo con Huevo Cocido y Ventresca de Atún)Roasted Red Peppers with Tuna-Fish and Hard-Boiled EggEnsaladilla Rusa (Patata, Zanahoria, Guisantes, Huevo Cocido y Atún cubiertos de Mayonesa)Potatoes, Carrots, Green Peas, Hard-Boiled Egg and Tuna smothered in MayonnaiseJamón Ibérico de Bellota con “Pan amb Tomàquet” (Pan-tumaca) Cured Iberian Ham “Bellota” over Toasted Bread with a Catalan Tomato-Garlic-Olive Oil SpreadJamón Ibérico de Pata Negra Salted and Dry-Cured Iberian Black Pork Ham, Air-Dried, Cellar Matured for three yearsLomo Ibérico Salted and Dry-Cured Iberian Pork Tenderloin SausageChorizo Ibérico Artisanal Iberian Pork Cured Sausage flavored with PaprikaSalchichón Ibérico Iberian Pork Cured Salami flavoured with Herbs and Black PeppercornQueso Manchego Dry-Cured Goat Cheese from the land of “Don Quixote”, La Mancha RegionSurtido Ibérico (Jamón, Lomo, Chorizo y Salchichón) Cold Meat Tray Iberian Pork Ham, Tenderloin and SausagesLacón a la Gallega Boiled Ham and Potates flavored with, Olive Oil, Sweet Paprika and Salt GrainsSetas a la Plancha Grilled Wild Mushroom served with “Ali-Oli” SauceCazuela de Champiñón con Jamón Mushrrom and Serrano Ham in Olive Oil, Little-Spiced with PaprikaCroquetas Caseras de Jamón Iberian Pork Croquettes - creamy and smooth, on inside; breaded and fried on outsidePatatas Bravas Deep-fried Potato Cubes Covered by a Spicy Hot SaucePatatas Ali-Oli Boiled Potato Cubes Smothered in “Ali-Oli Sauce” (Ali-Oli - Garlic Mayonnayse)Patatas Dos Salsas (con Salsa Brava y Ali-Oli) Deep-fried Potato Cubes covered by a Spicy Hot Sauce and an Ali-Oli SauceButifarra Catalana (Blanca; a la Plancha) Grilled White Catalan, flavored with Herbs and Paprika, Pork SausageMorcilla de Burgos (a la Pancha) Grilled Burgos´s Region Black Pudding SausageCazuela de Chorizo a la Sidra Deep-fried and Flambeed Pork Sausage in Cider SauceCazuela de Callos a la Madrileña Traditional Stew from Madrid - Meat, Sausages, Feets, Tripe, Garlic, Onion, Parsley and Sweet PaprikaParrillada de Verduras (Tomate, Calabacín, Berenjena, Pimientos, Cebolla y Espárragos Trigueros) Grilled Vegetables Tray - Tomatoes, Zucchini, Eggplant, Peppers, Onion and Green SparagusSarten de Huevos Estrellados (a elegir, con: Jamón, Morcilla o Bacon) “Split Eggs” - Fried Eggs, Sliced Potatoes, Caramelized Onion with Ham, Black Pudding or BaconTortilla Variada (para 2 personas) (a elegir, de: Patata, Trigueros, Jamón, Queso, Bacalao, GulaPotato, Green Sparagus, Ham, Cheese, Cod ,Baby Eel or Shrimp - Omlette (for 2 person)