Por: E-Focus Industrial Co.,LTD  24/05/2010
Palabras clave: Management, apartment, Security

 Info * Security patrol GPS 800F adopt fingerprint technical, completely forbidden reading cards by asking other to help.* It is reliable and safe. * It has advanced Built-in Power Management System, Battery capacity multi-level display .* Users can report Auto Patrol /Tour Work Inspection Report, Patrol/ tour Analysis Report, User-defined Report etc.* In addition, GPS 800F saves much money from the management system, brings much convenience, accurate management to your patrol system and easy to collect and deal with the data from the guard man or security man. Feature * Fingerprint verification to read patrol checker.* Color Screen, Contactless Guard Tour Wand with Rechargable battery, Built-in Data Downloader.* GPS 800F is reliable: when the power is off or too low, the memory can be kept for 30 years.* GPS 800F is safe:adopt engineering plastic shell, water-proof, quake-proof, high and low temperature resistance, without damage once falling off.* VISTA user interface, simple and beautifu.* GPS 800F has route navigation, undetected spots and repeat reading cards prompts.* It can define the parameters for each patrol spot, to facilitate data collection.* Full-function keyboard input.

Palabras clave: apartment, Management, Project Management, Security

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