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Palabras clave: Management, Security, Project Management

   Info * Guard Tour System GPS 0028+ Guard Patrl Stick is suitable for long-distance, GPRS communication.* It adopts One-Key Keyboard Induction Technical.* GPS 2800+ adopts advanced Micro-CPU:Built-in Microprocessor, Twin-CPU design, Integrative Design, Downloader or Communication Socket not required. Save cost for our USERs. * It has advanced Built-in Power Management System, Rechargeable and Exchangeable battery design.* Users can report Auto Patrol /Tour Work Inspection Report, Patrol/ tour Analysis Report, User-defined Report etc.* In addition,It is widely used in Buildings, Storehouses, Factories, security or guard company and big enterprise:Estate Managing Companies / Wharf/ Villa district/ Museums/ Hotel/ Bank/ Sea-shipping Animals and Plants Bracers / Railway Station/ Ensuring Safety / Oil Station / Patrol-man Electricity / Mines. Feature * GPS 0028+ Guard Patrl Stick is easy to collect and deal with the data from the guard man or security man.* GPS 0028+ Guard Patrl Stick adopts cable key: One-Key Keyboard Induction Technical.* Its shell is stainless, waterproof,quakeproof,anti extreme temperature.* GPS 0028+ Guard Patrl Stick has LED + Shake hint function.* GPS 0028+ Guard Patrl Stick has large record capacity. * It is time reliable: when the power is off or too low, thememory can be kept for 30 years. * It supports long-distance communication.* GPS 0028+ Guard Patrl Stick has high speed download: it can download all data within 3 minutes.  

Palabras clave: Management, Project Management, Security

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