Irrigation Systems – Drip Irrigation System

Irrigation Systems – Drip Irrigation System desde grupo chamartin

Por: grupo chamartin  20/03/2010
Palabras clave: System, sprinkler irrigation, Center Pivot Irrigation System

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We are a Spanish group that manufactures and exportes irrigation system, drip irrigation system, drip tape system, pivot irrigation drip tape, sprinkler irrigation system, pivot irrigation system, drip irrigation sprinkler system, solid sprinkler system and various other which are used in the process of irrigation. We also produce drip tube with integrated dripper, with our own brand of sprinklers SOMLO, aluminium pipes fittings, polyethylene pipes fittings. Our are characterized by being one of the most competitive in the market.

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Chasma Group manufactures wide range of quality irrigation products including , sprinkler irrigation, drip tape irrigation, drip irrigation tube, metal sprinklers, solid sprinkler system, aluminium pipes, polyethylene pipes, that are very effective in the irrigation process. In addition to these equipments we also provide solid sprinklers of aluminium pipes, solid sprinklers of polyethylene and a wide variety of fittings with distinctive features for effective irrigation process that yeilds various benefits to our customers. We have our offices all over the world.


Manufactures , , sprinkler irrigation system, drip line irrigation system, drip tape irrigation system, pivot irrigation system, circular pivot irrigation system, linear pivot irrigation system, corner pivot irrigation system, sprinkler irrigation. Our irrigation products help our customers to choose best configuration for their project. Our sprinkler system, sprinkler valves and sprinkler fittings used in sprinkler irrigation are of highest quality. Our is manufactured with materials of high quality that provides resistance to agricultural chemicals and abrasions during handling.

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