How to wear heels without killing your feet

Por: High Heels  21/01/2008
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"From a health standpoint, there's no good side to heels." Wearing high heels changes the biomechanics of walking and can have an impact on the entire structure of the foot and the relationship of the knee to the ankle, he says. But there are steps (so to speak) you can take to minimize the damage that your to-die-for heels do. 1. Wear a shoe that fits: Women generally choose a shoe that's too narrow. That can drive the weight of the foot toward the toe of the shoe. Instead, you want more room in the front of the shoe and a little more padding to cushion the foot. Also, check out the material of the shoe when you're buying it. Leather tends to be more forgiving than synthetics, Clum says. 2. Pay attention to timing: Try not to wear the shoe for more than three hours at a time. And when you're buying it, try on the shoe in the late afternoon, not first thing in the morning. That way you will have been up on your feet all day and if your feet tend to swell as the day wears on, you'll be sure to buy a shoe with a fit that reflects that fact, Clum says. 3. Keep in mind where you're going: Obviously, you're not going to hike through the woods in heels. But also ask yourself about the surfaces on which you -- and your shoes -- will be walking. Hotels and ballrooms, for instance, tend to have stable surfaces, Clum says. Places with cobblestones or other unsteady surfaces are not as conducive. "If you're walking in an area that's gravelly, stilettos don't do very well in that environment," he says. 4. Go with a lower heel: Yes, that 4-inch Christian Louboutin looks amazing. But your feet are going to feel a lot better with a 2-inch heel, Clum says. The conventional thinking that wider heels are better does not seem to hold true, though, Clum says. Such heels might help with stability and prevent the ankle from rolling, but when it comes to biomechanics, they don't add much. And consider this quip that Clum's wife once shared with him: "I've never seen a man leave a party holding his shoes."

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