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Traction belt desde Huatao Wire Belt Factory

Por: Huatao Wire Belt Factory  10/06/2015
Palabras clave: special for over-bridge traction

Flexible use,perfect performance. It is not only used in corrugated board production, applications in the chemical and foodstuffs industry and many other sectors are also possible. In the corrugated board industry the traction belt is used for corrgated board transport. Over the single facter, for onward transport on the bridge and to the board deposit in the stacker. The traction belt is so flexible that perfect running is achieved even on tight and narrrow runs and with small roll diameters on the idle and drive rolls. Specifications: Model:QYD/MDD Material:PET100% Thickness:(5.5±0.2)mm Wideth:(600-2000)mm Tension:40Mpa Heat-resistance:200℃ Coefficient of friction:≥0.35μ Weight per unit:(4±0.2)kg/m2 Min. winding radius:R20mm Air-permeability:1.95M3/M2 Price: FOB 80-100USD/M2 Port::Xingang Date of delivery:15-30days Tel: 86-311-80772027 E-mail: [email protected] Skype: [email protected] Add: No.298,North Zhonghua Street, Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China Huatao Wire Belt Factory

Palabras clave: special for over-bridge traction

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