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Por: Maidenhead Translation & Localization Services  20/11/2013
Palabras clave: Servicios De Traducción, Actividades de traducción, Agencia De Traducción

MAIDENHEAD SL - WHO WE ARE Maidenhead SL is a young but experienced company focused on Software Translation and Localization. Our wide experience on technical Translation includes software, help files and documentation manuals & guides localization into Spanish. Most relevant Software Development Companies trust us as their vendors to adapt their projects into successful Spanish localized products (both Spain and LatAm Spanish). We have worked on a variety of translation projects from English into Spanish, to create a seamless adaptation into Spanish language. WHY LOCALIZATION? On a translation environment, we define Localization as the process of adaptation from the original product into a specific market. We can say that it is not only a matter of Translation: Localization goes further. Therefore, we may find that not only the text and images are translated into Spanish, but also the currency, names, measures, dialogs and text boxes, and so on are adapted so the final clients of the product, i.e. the users, will find themselves into a comfortable environment. Everything appears as if created on Spanish language from scratch. Seamless. If you are interested in our services, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

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