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Prepare for the TOEIC® test with .

Complete preparation training for the TOEIC® test. Focused training for fast improvement based upon your ability and needs.


See your level, see where you need to improve.

Complete the level estimate tests to see an estimate of your TOEIC score level. See your strengths and weaknesses for each part of the TOEIC test. See where you need to improve.


Gain an Advantage.

Complete our exercise questions simulating all TOEIC question types, with business English grammar and vocabulary regularly tested in the TOEIC test. Complete the idiom and idiomatic phrase exercises and the special exercises for improvement in listening comprehension and the identification of information in talks, discussions and conversations. Do our 2 hour mock TOEIC test and get accustomed to the pressures and times you will encounter in the real TOEIC test. Plan the best way to answer the TOEIC questions and how long you should spend answering each TOEIC question type.


See, watch, review and focus for success.

See your progress. Review your answers. Watch your improvement and know when you are ready to get the score you need in the TOEIC test.


Tips and Advice with trainer support.

Tips and advice direct from the test room by authorized TOEIC administrators. Learn how to make your test sitting easier and be able to better concentrate on your English. Every member has their own personal trainer to offer support, help and additional advice by email.


Improve your Business English.

Not only preparation for the TOEIC test, but also a complete range of exercises for the improvement of your business English. Improve in writing letters and emails, on the telephone, in meetings and presentations. Improve reading and listening comprehension.


Improve Speaking.

Record and playback your answers. Compare your pronunciation with native English speakers. Improve Pronunciation. Improve Description. Improve Fluency. Improve your use of English.

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