Led tube T8(transparent cover) 15W

Led tube T8(transparent cover) 15W desde Rambo limited

Por: Rambo limited  03/02/2010
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 Detailed Product Description Detailed offer Description Product Description: 1.  Use  3528 SMD LED as light source;       The light attenuation of the SMD LED is better than DIP LED 2.  Use  aluminum circuit board; (MCPCB)     The heat dissipation ability of the MCPCB is better than FR4;3.  using aluminum alloy shell, with transparent cover;      Have good heat dissipation ability  and excelent light output.4. Embedded constant current driver power supply;5. The standard 3 foot length,compatible with the traditional fluorescent lamp 6. AC220/AC110 input 7. CE and ROHS certification 8. 216pcs SMD  LED 9. We supply high brightness and normal brightness version, It can meet demend of  vairous      customer

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