Cellulem Block is looking for new Partners

Por: Cellulem Block  16/04/2009
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Cellulem Block, the franchise leader in cellulitis and slimming treatments, has recently introduced an innovative website to look for new partners in areas where Cellulem Block has yet to establish any centers. 
Becoming a partner means being the top level representative responsible for the development of the trademark in that country and continuing growth.
The new Cellulem Block website www.CellulemBlock.com and the attractive, modern and functional design, introduces, in English, French and Spanish, a successful business model with a highly profitable investment. Becoming a Cellulem Block partner (master franchise holder) offers the investor a successful business opportunity and a unique opportunity to develop an important annual business with a potential 10 million Euro turn over.
What's more, by visiting our website interested parties can find information about who Cellulem Block is, our business concept, the services Cellulem offer to franchise holders and information about the international network of centers “CB Bellezza” - All this from simply visiting www.CellulemBlock.com and sending us your queries.  

International Growth
Our new international project aims to raise brand awareness and concentrate on our International growth plan securing worldwide recognition of the Cellulem Block trademark.
As you read this, our franchise expert in beauty has already made new contacts interested in becoming Master Franchise holder in France, Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Switzerland and Russia.
Cellulem Block is the leading network of franchise providers in cellulitis and slimming using non-invasive and non-surgical methods. At present Cellulem Block operates in France, Italy, Andorra, Morocco and Portugal.

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