Por: Hands On Massage  01/12/2010
Palabras clave: Masajes Relajantes Y Terapeuticos, Masaje Deportivo, masaje relajante

Holistic massage is a natural treatment that uses the sense of touch and various massage techniques to release tension from muscles. On a physical level releasing muscular tension helps to rebalance body posture, it relieves pain and stiffness in knotted muscles as well as soothing stiff joints. It is also known to aid digestion, encourage better sleep, improve skin tone and stimulate better circulation and lymph drainage. On a psychological level the sense of touch gives reassurance, a feeling of wellbeing and provides a mental refuge from your outside life; and so reduces physical and emotional tension.

Sports massage is a deeper massage treatment with a focus on preventing injuries or as a treatment for an injury.

Palabras clave: Masaje Deportivo, masaje relajante, Masaje Terapéutico, Masajes Relajantes Y Terapeuticos