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Por: H-S-K  18/06/2010
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 Product Description Payment Terms ︰ T / T Specifications ︰ 1. Main body: Commutator with on / off switch, Joint for USB line, ris lens (Made in CHINA) 2. Handle (fuzzy 3 second auto controller) Chinese CMOS 3. Iris lens 30X 4. USB line 5. Instructions & Warranty (Chinese and Español edition) 6. Portable well-designed aluminum box 7. Iridology chart (Español, Spanish or Chinese) 8. HSK Iridology Software (Based on Bernard Jensen's Iridology Chart - Versión) Advantages ︰ Iriscope System Functions: 1. Either Through Adjust brightness or switch on handle software line, delete the photos, and adjust the focus, quick fixed photos with white balance and high Stability of colors. Connects directly with computer Outside Without power and easy to Operate. 2. The software dog save the client information and irises Also the details of products That You recommend them. Taken After the photos, you-can analysis the irises and later compare the irises pictures When you eat your client back to see Their progress. Can print an analysis report. Save the photos According To the date & time you take the photos. 3. This machine will help the client know His health condition, Including the problem HAD Which You Have in the Past. The Iridology will be your health counselor, tell you how to keep away from the illness. Remark: One (1) Year Warranty on all parts. It works with all Windows versions, Including Vista. Have We Designed the new switch on the side of the handle, Which is convenient for you to control the brightness of the light, and to control the left and right light. And it will help you to see clear picture in 640 x 480 (1.3 Mega-Pixels).

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