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The offer of LED display desde VISS LIGHTING

Por: VISS LIGHTING  02/09/2015
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When facing the offer of LED display manufacturer(, many users tend to feel a loss. In fact, if we can understand the composition of the LED display offer, we should know how to choose. LED display by the display module, power supply, casing, cable power lines, of which, the module cost is high, its use of lamp beads, chip spreads as well. Screen prices generally account for over 70% of the overall offer. The LED display usually synchronized display system by sending cards, reception cards. The outdoor display area of 80 square meters or less usually send a card, 40-50 Zhang received cards (two boxes a card). Indoor LED screen due to higher pixel density and higher prices. The indoor( LED display needs a lot of accessories, such as a computer (desktop computer), air conditioning (heat), surge arresters, distribution cabinets, audio amplifier (optional), TV card (optional), multi-function card (can be adjusted automatically Physical data display temperature, brightness, humidity, etc.), a video processor (optional) and so on. A large spread of different brands of accessories, customers can buy their own locally. LED displays require fixed by a steel structure. Especially large-scale outdoor LED advertising display, for steel demand is very high. Second only to the cost structure of the steel body of the screen.

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