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Por: Ecopol Tech SL  07/10/2015
Palabras clave: biodegradable, encapsulation, biocompatible

CAPSURETINOL are microcapsules of pure retinol, that protect the active from oxidation until application. It prolongs and mantains their activity in formulations for creams, lotions and other products. It is steadily released over the skin, increasing exponentially their efficiency, and it avoids its oxidation in the customary formulations and loss of its effectiveness. The product is presented as an aqueous dispersion of microcapsules at 3% concentration of pure retinol. The microcapsules are mechanically stable and resistant to the process of formulation (variations of temperature, PH, stirring, etc..). Due to the special stability of this type of microcapsules, the anti-wrinkle function of this retinol composition is not altered in their formulation during storage until it is applied to the skin. The release of the microencapsulated retinol is carried out by two systems: by immediate mechanical rupture of the capsules during application, and by sustained release of the smaller ones that are deposited in the micrometric wrinkles of the skin. The keratin, and other proteins and substances of the skin, help to release the active with a prolonged, constantant ntensive effect with a maximum local activity. Our microencapsulation system does not contain formaldehyde, and it is based on biocompatible and biodegradable polymers. Due to the high barrier effect of the nanostructured microcapsule wall, the interaction of retinol with external water and oxygen is decreased, preventing their oxidation and degradation. Our microcapsules are designed especially with a size between 0,5 y 5 microns, particularly for cosmetic applications. Thanks to the particular microencapsulation system, and particle size distribution, the properties of retinol are modified, giving a triple effect: improved stability againts oxidation, an improvement of the affinity and absorption in the outer layers of the skin, and an effective reservoir of the smaller microcapsules for a sustained release of active retinol during all day.

Palabras clave: anti-wrinkle, biocompatible, biodegradable, encapsulation, microcapsule, microparticle, nanocapsule, nanoparticle, oxidation prevention, retinol,

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