Ecopol Tech, presente en Nanobioapp 2015

Ecopol Tech, presente en Nanobioapp 2015 desde Ecopol Tech SL

Por: Ecopol Tech SL  07/10/2015
Palabras clave: encapsulation, multiwalled structure, drug release,

The nanocapsules obtained following our method have a controlled size (around 20 nm), spherical morphology and amphiphilic and amphoteric properties. They have been designed to be smart, since their surface characteristics are modulated as a consequence of pH changes, being hydrophilic and anionic at blood pH (around 7.40) and more hydrophobic and cationic at microenvironmental pH (around 6.60). This special feature is related to the fact that anionic nanocapsules are reported to last longer in blood whereas cationic ones tend to have higher cell internalization rates [2, 3]. We will use this approach to specifically reach acidic and reductive microenvironments and release the bioactive ingredient under the action of L-glutathione [4]. This can be very useful in treating some diseases involving local inflammation such as cancer.

Palabras clave: drug release, encapsulation, multiwalled structure, tunability,

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