Crafts and Design in wood for contract

Crafts and Design in wood for contract desde Tableros Raclima, S.L.

Por: Tableros Raclima, S.L.  02/04/2014
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Crafts and Design. With these two concepts could be defined new collections Raclima. A clear commitment to originality and talent, reflected on wood, that has put us on the international scene, as a mark of prestige. And is that, although we have incorporated the latest technology to our work, We have not lost any of artisanal tradition that has characterized us both. As can be seen in our catalog, crafts, connected to our roots and passion for wood, has been our inspiration to design new collections. This combination (artisanal tradition and culture of wood), Raclima has become a benchmark of quality in interior paneling, spaces where the decor has to be at the height of the architecture. Ours, is highly associated with nostalgia and old taste, and this reality can be seen in our collection “Tradition”. This product range offers three levels of texture, three types of handmade aging, intended to simulate the natural passage of time. Looking back to move forward. Another feature that stands out from our collections, is the wide range of colors and shapes presented in different models. Circumstance that is revolutionizing the concept of design and decoration. This is the case of the collection “Join”. The fusion of different natural veneers define this product line, which can incorporate a variety of hues to capture more complex ideas. Simple geometric figures, great visuals. Although, if we talk about revolution in materials, deserves mention our collection, "Luxe". Models show a series of compositions comprising crystals Swarovski, giving added value to the product and being a distinctive and elegant element that blends perfectly with a noble material as wood. It delves into the refinement and craftsmanship to make it beautiful. These materials give a new dimension to your project. Originality, character and personality. These are the values ​​it represents our collection “Facet”. This product line is characterized by the interplay of contrasts is achieved by machining, highlighting the natural wood veneer against the soul of the base board. And, if there is a collection that shows the spirit of reinvention and technological innovation of the company, that collection is “Lattices” and their perfect complement, “Acoustic”. This is a simple way to isolate spaces, besides itself erected, as a clear escutcheon. This product line includes a textile application as sound resource, y decorative visual. Adding value in terms of personalization, offering a wide range of possibilities depending on customer needs. The warmth and natural beauty of the wood works like any material is capable of doing. This assertion gets force "Essential". Raclima offers, through this collection, veneered panels with any type of natural wood. Wood is a universal material, rooted in culture and history. Both architects, designers, constructors, as craftsmen, still using wood creatively to make cutting-edge designs. The timber is both universal and unique material. No other material is as deeply rooted in history, culture and life of humans worldwide as wood.

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