Venetian blind inside double glazing

Venetian blind inside double glazing desde Triflex Vidriopantalla, S.L

Por: Triflex Vidriopantalla, S.L  12/04/2011
Palabras clave: Carpintería, Carpintería Metálica, Decoración

This IGBU of last generation possesses the narrowest chamber of the world, 16 mm . That's why it is the best that adapts itself to the current needs of the market, since it can be installed in multitude of existing profiles, about 75 %, something impossible to achieve with the old chambers of 20 ó 25mm. TRIFLEX 16 not only has improved in this aspect, but besides, thanks to its exclusive separator winged profile, turns it into the IGBU with the biggest grade of dimness, since these hide the end of the slats, and doesn't need to have central holes that allow the light in. It's operated by a magnetic system, with fixed lateral cursor, its ideal for systems of sliding windows, practicable doors and windows, as well as in fold slide and pivot windows. Especially in public buildings, schools, hospitals, offices, etc…, where the entire absence of maintenance, is fundamental.

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